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Achieving more


We aren’t just another solar retailer. With a background in investment, we focus on the numbers and make sure that we provide our energy clients with the best possible return.

So, whether you’re considering solar for your home, business, or investment property, you can achieve more when you work with Méridien Energy.

We like to think forward

Thinking forward enables us to deliver clean energy solutions to our clients that are ready for now and anticipate the future no matter the project.

Residential Builders

Méridien Energy have dedicated programs and products to for residential investment and owner-occupier builders. We understand the building process and know how to deliver value for money clean energy solutions and high levels of service to match your own. Our residential solar extends from entry level to advanced, custom systems with storage and EV charging.

Development Projects

Méridien Energy work with developers to incorporate renewable energy solutions into the DNA of their projects to increase appeal to both buyers and tenants.

Energy cost savings, increased yields and the opportunity to do more for the environment creates greater demand and ultimately better bottom line.

Solar for Business

With energy costs soaring, the financials of solar make more sense than ever. Not only does solar reduce your energy costs, but you are also ‘protected’ from future price increases.

Whether you are leasing or own your premises, we can show you compelling financials that unlock $$$ for you to reinvest in your business and your life.

Recent project: total tools, coomera qld

Opportunities for investors

You invest in property to achieve an attractive financial return. Investing in solar increases that return and unlocks benefits for your tenants.

Make a move to lead the way. For too long now, tenants have been locked out of the benefits of solar.

Yield is the fundamental driver for commercial property investment. Solar yields are very impressive.

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