It’s all about the numbers

Méridien Energy is not just another solar retailer. Our origins are in investment. Everything we do is about the numbers and that is how we work with our clients to achieve more from investing in solar.

We provide start-to-end solutions including:

Our renewable energy systems include


The latest panels and inverters from leading manufacturers, backed by best-in-industry warranties.

EV Charging

The shift to Electric Vehicles is happening. EV charging is something that needs to be planned for and we have a options to suit a broad mix of applications.

VPP & Microgrids

Sharing clean energy is one of our visions. As technology evolves, Meridien Energy will be providing new ways for people and businesses to access clean, low-cost renewable energy.


With ever-increasing energy prices and falling battery prices, solar storage is making more and more financial sense.

Embedded Networks

Through our strategic partnerships, Meridien Energy can provide embedded networks solutions that deliver significant investment advantages.


Our finance partners can provide competitive finance solutions for home and business investment.

Fight Back.

Get solar.

And have the time to cheer them on.

Innovation in Solar

Thinking forward enables us to deliver clean energy solutions to our clients that are ready for now and anticipate the future.

Clean Energy Future

Our exclusive SolarCast packages ensure that homes are ‘engineered for a clean energy future’ from the start with systems that incorporate solar, storage, EV charging and are ready for a ‘ clean energy’ future.

Empowering Tenants

Our latest initiatives are aimed at providing residential tenants with access to the many benefits of solar with our new Solar HomePower program. Solar is traditionally not included in investment properties. We are out to change that.

NDIS & Co-living Expertise

Méridien Energy are leaders in solar and storage for NDIS-SDA Homes and for the emerging Co-living Homes segment with systems designed specifically to meet the needs of people in these niche segments.

Partnership Programs

We are developing a new partnership program for commercial property developers, landlords and tenants to reduce energy costs for small business and deliver market-leading yields for investors.

Whether it is your home, your business, a residential or commercial investment property, we are committed to delivering the best possible return on your investment.

David Brown, Meridien Energy

How we work

Méridien Energy have full in-house resources to provide clients with an integrated energy solutions and the highest levels of service.

In-House Team

Our technical and installation teams are not sub-contractors but part of the Méridien Energy team.

Latest Tech

Our systems include the latest solar technology components from leading suppliers that offer back-up service that equals our own.

Total Value

Our pricing is competitive, but we are never going to be the price leaders. We deliver total value.

On-Going Support

Our ongoing support ensures that your solar investment keeps on achieving more for you.

Our partners