Build Solar into your projects DNA
Solar is becoming more and more mandatory for people and businesses as they look for ways to get protection from soaring energy costs. Also, there is a growing conscience of doing more for the environment.
Méridien Energy work with developers to incorporate renewable energy solutions into the DNA of their projects to increase appeal to both buyers and tenants.  
More appeal equals more demand and a better bottom line.

Energy Cost

Reduce energy costs and protect occupants in your projects from soaring energy costs.

Engineered Clean Energy Solutions

Work with Meridien Energy to incorporate clean energy solutions in your project with our exclusive SolarCast program.


Solar delivers high yields and an investment ROI that is very appealing.

Make a Big

If we all do a little bit to reduce carbon emissions, it makes a big difference.

Recent project: co-living homes qld (60+ dedicated share housing dwellings)

Whether it is your home, your business, a residential or commercial investment property, we are committed to delivering the best possible return on your investment.

David Brown, Meridien Energy

Engineered for a clean energy future

Our exclusive SolarCast program enables medium density residential developers to incorporate clean energy systems into their projects at a very reasonable cost. This provides residents with access to clean energy solutions that matches their present and future individual needs. 

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