Our 6.6KW investor system delivering measurable ROI for investors, landlords, tenants and our planet.

Multiple investment benefits

Tenants save
$$$ on energy bills

Uplift in
rental income

Increased property appeal

Tap into
government incentives

tax benefits

interest rate saving

your carbon

And much more!

What is Solar HomePower?

Meridien Energy Solar HomePower is designed to help you and your tenants fight back against soaring energy costs. The 6.6 kW system brings together some of the best products and services in the renewable energy sector. Our Australian based design, installation team, warranties and support networks provide quality and service you can depend on.


Components and


Prewiring during


Long-term product and
performance warranties


Wi-fi connectivity included
as standard

Fight Back.

Get solar.

And give back to your tenants

What it means for you

An entry point for project homes.
A way to open-up the benefits of solar for investors and tenants.

Increased Property Appeal

With less than 2% of investment properties having solar in Australia,  Solar HomePower provides your property with a competitive edge.
Tenants are faced with ever-increasing costs and the opportunity to rent a home that gives them access to FREE, clean energy is rare. Meaning you’ll get tenants faster and they’ll be ‘stickier’ too. 

Investment loan savings

A number of leading banks are providing ‘Green Loans’ with attractive interest rate discounts for homes with solar. Talk to your bank or broker about how to tap into this extra benefit and cut your interest costs.

Claim more depreciation

Solar adds to the fixtures and fittings depreciation schedule to uplift claimable costs and add a bit more to your bottom line.

It’s easy

As an open structure, tenants are empowered to select an energy retailer of their choice – so you don’t have to do a thing. We’ve even developed a ‘Tenants Guide’ including information on how to set-up an account and tips on how to maximise solar savings that are easily accessed online.

Our trusted supply partners

Want more? Upgrade to SolarCast.

Meridien Energy offer solar solutions that are suited to a broad range of applications. Upgrade to our exclusive SolarCast platform to engineer your home for a clean energy future.